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Kursalon Vienna

Its unique location, its historical background and renaissance style architecture make Kursalon one of the most exclusive venues in Vienna.

Built in 1867 with the original intention of being a pavilion for cures and relaxation, it soon found itself a different purpose and became one of the most popular concert locations in Vienna. Much of its popularity is owed to the fact that Johann Strauss, the Waltz King, used to perform with his orchestra here, for which he was honored with a golden statue in the Viennese City Park (“Stadtpark”) right in front of Kursalon.

In honor of this beautiful tradition Kursalon today stands as a premium concert and gala location, where daily Strauss & Mozart concerts are performed, allowing thus all the classical music admirers to float away back to the Viennese Golden era and the romantic times of waltzes, polkas and operettas.

New Year's Eve in Kursalon Vienna

On New Year’s Eve this magic becomes even bigger as we perform the loveliest musical selection, allowing you later on to try the waltzes and polkas yourself at our waltz workshop. For the grand finale you are invited to the big Kursalon terrace, where you can enjoy a spectacular fireworks show with view over the city park, and toast to the New Year with a glass of sparkling wine.

More information about the building can be found via the official website of Kursalon Vienna.